Angel Secretarial Services


We can transcribe dss, wav, mp3 digital sound files,
standard, mini or micro cassette tapes, even scanned scraps of paper.


Transcription can be completed to your required level as follows:

includes everything said, including every ‘um’, ‘eh’, ‘sort of’, every mistake or repetition as well as notations of background noise or interruptions.

includes everything said but excludes notations, mistakes, repetitions etc.

as above but keeps to the main facts. Non relevant comments, chatter, etc. are removed.

The length of time required for transcription will depend upon:

  • The quality of the recording
  • Speed of speech
  • Clarity of dictation
  • Fluency of speech
  • The number of people speaking either individually or at the same time

It takes approximately 1 hour to transcribe 15 minutes of speech but can take as long as 2 hours dependant upon the criteria above.
At Angel Secretarial Services, we will, however, ensure your document is returned to you quickly, offering a next day service in the majority of cases.

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