Angel Secretarial Services

Terms and Conditions


  1. Before accepting any assignment, a signed order form will be required outlining the work required, delivery method and agreed time-scales. This is in addition to any company purchase order.
  2. Clients are advised that original documents must be sent via a method of delivery that is traceable. Angel Secretarial Services will not be held responsible for non receipt.
  3. If an assignment received differs from the original order, Angel Secretarial Services reserve the right to consult with the client and increase or decrease costs in line with the differences.
  4. Angel Secretarial Services is not a multi lingual company therefore all documents / material must be in English. Other languages will incur an extra cost for translation and the final output will be in English.
  5. Due to computer viruses and malicious software, all incoming e-mails or media will be scanned for viruses. Angel Secretarial Services request e-mails contain the order request number in the subject line. Any e-mails with a blank subject line or e-mails without a message in the main body or an attachment without a comprehensible title will be deleted. This is for the safety of any / all client information held on computer at that time.
  6. It is the sole responsibility of the client for final proof reading of the completed documents / material and Angel Secretarial Services are not responsible for the content of any document / material. All documents are proof read before dispatch to the client but should any errors be found in the work, Angel Secretarial Services will be liable for the cost of the rectification of that error only. No further liability is acknowledged.
  7. Back-up copies will be kept for a period of six (6) months at which time they will be deleted unless the client requests in writing the length of term to which a back-up copy should be retained by Angel Secretarial Services.
  8. Angel Secretarial Services reserve the right to refuse material that may be illegal or immoral. Angel Secretarial Services are not responsible for the end use of any documents / material produced or edited by them.
  9. Angel Secretarial Services will not be held responsible or liable for misuse of any completed assignment. The responsibility lies solely with the client at all times.
  10. Angel Secretarial Services are unable to permit personal visits to its premises due to insurance and safety reasons.
  11. Payment may be made by cheque, direct bank transfer or PayPal.
  12. All invoices will be in sterling and payable within 21 days of completion of the assignment.

The client agrees to give Angel Secretarial Services access to certain confidential information relating to the affairs of the client solely for the purpose of carrying out duties agreed between the client and Angel Secretarial Services.

Angel Secretarial Services agrees to obtain and use such information only for the purpose described above and otherwise to hold such information confidential and secret.

The client has or shall furnish Angel Secretarial Services confidential information as described above, and may further allow banks, suppliers, customers, employees or representatives of the client to disclose information to Angel Secretarial Services

Angel Secretarial Services agrees to hold all confidential information or proprietary information or trade secrets (information) in trust and confidence and agrees that the information shall be used only for the contemplated purpose and not for any other purpose or disclosed to any third party under any circumstances whatsoever.

No copies may be made or retained of the information unless specifically requested in writing, except in the normal course of performance of the duties agreed above.

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